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2014 International Event Results :: Show 1 TSSR Specialty

Judge: Nancy Glabicki

Numbers: Champion Males - 4, Class Males - 6, Champion Females - 4, Class Females - 2


  • Winners Dog (WD) - Ziggy
  • Reserve Winners Dog (RWD) - Conri
  • Winners Bitch (WB) - Kiva
  • Reserve Winners Bitch (RWB) - Jazzee
  • Best of Winners (BOW) - Ziggy
  • Best Opposite Sex (BOS) - Mariah
  • Best of Breed (BOB) - Faelen
  • Best Jr Puppy Female - Kiva
  • Best Jr Puppy Male - Janko
  • BOB Jr Puppy - Janko
  • Best Baby Puppy Female - Siam
  • Best Baby Puppy Male - Bayard
  • BOB Baby Puppy - Bayard
  • Best Champion Altered Female - Rune
  • Best Altered Male - Atticus
  • Best Progeny Dam - Annie
  • Best Progeny Sire - Kilian
  • Best Progeny in Special - Kilian
  • Best Veteran in Special - Kilian

2014 International Event Results :: Show 2 NSBR Specialty

Judge: Sandra Kowalksi

Numbers (Plush):

Results: Champion Male - 6, Class Male - 7, Champion Female - 4, Class Female - 2

  • Winners Dog (WD) - Simon
  • Reserve Winners Dog (RWD) - Bash
  • Winners Bitch (WB) - Siam
  • Reserve Winners Bitch (RWB) - Kiva
  • Best of Winners (BOW) - Siam
  • Best Opposite Sex (BOS) - Tosca
  • Best of Breed (BOB) - Kilian
  • Best Puppy Female - Siam
  • Best Puppy Male - Bayard
  • BOB Puppy - Siam
  • Best Champion Altered Female - Rune
  • Best Altered Male - Atticus
  • Best Veteran Male - Kilian
  • Best Veteran Female - Nevaeh
  • Best Vereran in Special - Kilian
  • Best Progeny Dam - Reine
  • Best Progeny Sire - Kilian
  • Best Progeny in Special - Kilian
  • Honorable Mentions - Faelan & Zev

Numbers (Smooth): Champion Male - 0, Class Male - 0 Champion Female - 0 Class Female - 1


  • Winners Bitch (WB) - Midge
  • Best of Breed (BOB) Puppy - Midge
  • Best of Breed (BOB) - Midge

Show 2 Overall

  • Best of Breed - Kilian

2014 International Event Results :: Show 3

Judge: Pat Enright

Numbers: Champion Male - 5, Class Male - 6, Champion Female - 3, Class Female - 2


  • Winners Dog (WD) - Abel
  • Reserve Winners Dog (RWD) - Janko
  • Winners Bitch (WB) - Kiva
  • Reserve Winners Bitch (RWB) - Jazzee
  • Best of Winners (BOW) - Kiva
  • Best Opposite Sex (BOS) - Kiva
  • Best of Breed (BOB) - Kilian
  • Best Jr Puppy Male - Janko
  • Best Jr Puppy Female - Kiva
  • BOB Jr Puppy - Janko
  • Best Baby Puppy Male - Rollo
  • Best Baby Puppy Female - Reese
  • BOB Baby Puppy - Reese
  • Best Altered Male - Atticus
  • Best Champion Altered Female - Rune
  • Best Progeny Sire - Kilian
  • Best Progeny Dam - Reine
  • Best Progeny in Special - Kilian
  • Best Veteran in Special - Kilian
  • Dogs of Merit - Zev, Mariah, Kitty & Yuki

Special Note from Judge Enright :

Dear Heather and the Board of the ISSDC,

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the gift(s) I received yesterday at Specialty and to share my observations about the exhibits that I had the utmost pleasure to judge yesterday.

I could not believe my eyes when I unwrapped Tina Barber's book! I have wanted to get that book for quite a few years. That is a gift I will truly treasure, as the Shiloh Shepherd has always had a special place in my heart. I think what Tina had done is nothing short of miraculous! Her passion and love to the mission she set out to do is unparalleled. It reminds me of the great Exodus, Moses and him leading the people out of slavery. Tina led her strains of GSD's to the promised land to be free from their plagues, and she, like Moses, is not here today to set foot on the land to share the triumph that her people have yet to experience. But, she does see, and from the best seat in the house!

I have showed alongside Shilohs in the rare breed days, starting in '97 with my Coton De Tulear. My "Mauve" became best friends with Apollo, and others, (their names escape me). With ARBA, RARITIES, and others, the Shiloh had a huge presence in the rings. It was the first breed other than my own that I started to observe and study in depth. Coming from Rough Collies, and later, Afghans herders and hounds intrigued me. I started judging the Shiloh in 2004 as an ARBA judge.

I have found that when one Judges "rare" breeds, many times the wins,(especially class) pretty much take care of themselves. Most of the time, the breeds are scattered in type, breeders here in the US are at different levels in their breeding programs, and the superior exhibits shine through. I experienced it with many breeds in the past decade. In 2010, when I judged your Octoberfest Specialty, there were some cases like that in the classes. It was easier to put a broader span priority in my mind to get my winners. (Except the BOB ring, yet that, too, I was able to come to my conclusion and feel good about it).

But, I have to say, this year!,....WOW! The gap is closing tight in type, temperament, expression, stamina and structure. The exhibits this year were practically all 'A' grade, which causes the judge to have to split hairs. It no longer comes down to which exhibit is "better" than the others, No. That was not the case yesterday, especially in the breed ring. Every one of them met or exceeded the standard in one way or another. Some less so, some, moreso.

The large majority of the Specials could have taken the wins. Each one had superior elements, some in areas different than in others. Each one had the noble, aristocratic, supernatural essence that has been emerging more and more as a group with every show I have had the pleasure to judge. It had to come down to a window of performance, and which exhibit gave it to me at that moment!! It was an added bonus that the exhibit that did deliver at that moment was the Veteran! I hope you embrace it as a tribute to all of you, as I know how heartbreaking it is to listen to the mantra that the "bigger the dog, the shorter the lifespan". That Veteran should be an inspiration to all in the breed to break that way of thinking! His energy, his sparkle and his heart was there at every moment, he never wavered.

I truly salute the breeders and exhibitors of this breed. I noticed the improvement in consistency, type, movement, structure, expression, temperament and soundness! It made my job hard, but exhilarating at the same time, and I thank you.

I don't post to my Facebook page that often, but, on my way home, as my husband drove, I posted that the Shiloh people "have it together" in breeding, showing and good sportsmanship, along with a few pictures. I got great responses! I am truly impressed.

Thank you. I hope to be able to continue to a part of the Shiloh Shepherd as one of your judges in the future.

Sincerely, Patricia Enright

Temperament Testing

by Gary Runyon and Lyn Segee

  • Kiva
  • Simon
  • Kitty
  • Ziggy
  • Tosca

Trophy Sponsors

  • Nancy Schmidt, Bearpaw Shilohs
  • Yvonne Hutton, Malvon Shilohs
  • Jan Burke, Miracle Shilohs
  • Terrie Dwyer, River Crest Shilohs
  • Myra York, Cabin Run Shilohs
  • Monica Popaduke, Kindred Spirit Shilohs
  • James Skoor, Rain City Shilohs
  • Bev Roth, Siskiyou Shepherds
  • Rose Prichard, Templar Shilohs
  • Sharon Ragonese, Creekside Shilohs
  • Rhona Vanemon, Brick Chapel Shilohs
  • Ellen Brenner, Beloved Shilohs
  • Christi Yonavick, Ridgewood Shilohs
  • TSSR, Inc
  • Rosa Delk, Brick Chapel's Janko
  • Laura Blanz,
  • Gary & Traci Runyon, Stardust Shilohs
  • Loretta Lester, Ridgewood's Ca$h
  • Stacy Andres, Roseland Shilohs
  • Mindy Thomas, High Caliber's Yuki
  • Michelle Bowler, Genesis Shilohs